Frequently Asked Questions....

Do you have a showroom?
Yes, we have a 2000 square foot showroom on the northwest side of Grand Rapids displaying many of our systems like closets, Murphy beds, lockers, garage cabinets etc. Please call ahead to verify we are in or we will gladly set up an appointment to fit your schedule.

What brand do use?
None! We are an independent, locally owned and operated company. Instead of paying franchise fees and dealer mark-ups, your money goes into upgrading the quality of the system, and your pocket. Independence allows us to provide truly custom solutions as we have no limitations to our designs.

What materials do you use for manufacturing your products?
We have four material options to provide a custom solution for you. The majority of our systems use one of the materials below in 3/4" thickness. However, we have done systems with thicker materials to provide additional design interest.

  • Melamine is our most popular material. It is manufactured with an industrial density pine core particle board center with a layer of color and resin (melamine) laid on top. This is NOT the stuff you buy at the big box stores! This material is very heavy and dense, and used by office furniture manufacturers for its durability. We have dozens of solid and woodgrain colors to choose from.
  • Laminate is very similar to melamine, but has more variety in colors and is significantly more abrasion resistant. It is the same stuff used for countertops.
  • *MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is a very heavy, smooth, and stable material. We would choose this material if you wanted the color of the system to match a certain paint color as it is an unfinished product and takes paint very well.
  • Real wood systems are manufactured using solid wood or veneer plywood from dozens of species. We would choose this material if you wanted a very high end feel, or were trying to match a certain stain color in your home.

How do your systems work?
We use the very popular "32mm" system with "rafix" connectors. This is a standard system used across the US that originated in Europe. When looking at the product, you see rows of holes used to provide adjustability for shelving. Well, it is actually much more than this. These holes are all spaced 32mm apart from top to bottom. This allows manufacturers around the world to provide standard machinery and hardware (door hinges, drawer slides etc.) to create these systems, thus driving the pricing down to very economical levels due to the large manufacturing scale.

The "rafix" connector system uses a strong mechanical "cam" to lock the side panels, top, and bottom of each section together. This allows us to efficiently load our vans with the pieces of your system, and then quickly assemble them on-site.

Do you hang your systems from the wall, or mount them on the floor?
We do both! You tell us which system you like. If you don't have an opinion, we will choose to mount the system on the floor. This allows the floor to do the supporting work it is made for, gives a nice "furniture" look to the product, and allows maximum flexibility for adding, removing, and changing the system to meet your future needs.

Do you install wire shelving products?
No. In fact, many of our homeowner jobs involve tearing out wire shelving. We are driven to make our customers "completely satisfied", and wire does not accomplish this. Pricing is the driving factor for using a wire shelving system, but a small price premium to upgrade to a solid system is one these customers wish they had paid.

Are you "green"?
Green is not a religion for us, however, it is a very practical part of our business model and just makes sense. Our product is manufactured using 100% recycled/reclaimed industrial grade particle board. Add the melamine coating, and the entire product is 99%. ( Our production scrap is recycled with a local company to produce bedding for milk farms, eventually being spread onto local fields and turned back into soil. Our factory and showroom are lit with high efficiency lighting, and heated with high efficiency furnaces. It just all makes sense to us.