How Your Free Consultation Works

We provide free consultations in your home, at our showroom, on a job site, or at any other location of your choice. During your meeting, our professionally trained designer will first listen to your comments, and then help you balance three factors in developing your custom solution:

We must first establish how you intend to use the space. We will ask questions and provide suggestions for the most effective design, discussing the pros and cons of each idea, eventually arriving at the functional solution to meet your requirements.

What is your style? Modern, Victorian, Traditional, Cottage, Shaker, or just plain functional? From simple reach in closets in white melamine, to awe inspiring walk in closets in solid wood, we have done it all. We discuss the look of the solution to help you find the best match of your own style and budget.

Every situation is different, which is why our designers help you make decisions to find your personal balance of function, aesthetics and budget. Many solutions use only the basic closet components of hanging and shelving in white melamine as price is heavily valued in the decision. However, we have many other clients who have the resources to enhance the beauty of the project to help express their personal style. There are simple options to add style to a system, like crown moulding, raised panel door and drawer fronts, or veneer and solid wood panels. We help you understand the affect each option has on your budget so you can create the solution that works for you.

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